Brooke Reed, #11, scores the final overtime goal for a big lacrosse win…

This past Saturday, April 12th, Brooke Reed, girls lacrosse player #11, scored the final game winning goal in sudden death, Brave Heart overtime for the St. Johns County PAL Lady Stars, Senior Division team.  After playing most of the game at the defensive position, Brooke was selected by her teammates to be one of the four girls to play the Brave Heart style overtime period.  After one minute and a half into the overtime period, Brooke received a pass and moved in to fake out the defender and goalie for an open shot and the game winning goal.  The goal is Brooke’s 8th goal of the season, scoring 4 goals in her first game and three in the second as a regular mid-field player.  The Lady Stars White team defeated their opponents in the game by a final of 7 – 6 as Brooke received player of the game honors.

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Brooke Reed, #11, opens the 2014 Lacrosse season scoring 4 goals and helping her team to a big win.

This past Monday evening (March 31st) kicked off the 2014 regular season for the St. Johns Count Police Athletic League Lady Stars Lacrosse League.  Playing for the senior girls, Brooke, #11, played her regular position as mid-fielder (middie) during the game.  The game started off as a close match and continue most of the game that way for each team which traded goals back and forth.  Brooke scored her first goal early in the first half and added one more a few minutes later.  Scoring two more goals in the second half, Brooke finished high scorer for her team making a total of 4 goals during the game and helped her team to an 11 – 9 win.  In addition to scoring 4 goals, Brooke recorded several ground balls that resulted in turnovers for the other team and continued possessions for hers.

The following video features Brooke’s second goal of the game where she receives a pass from behind the goal from her teammate Natalie and makes a play-fake to rush the goal and shoot and score.  Stay tuned for more game results and activities of the 2014 St. Johns PAL Lady Stars Lacrosse season and Brooke’s game performances.

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Brooke in Lacrosse action

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Brooke Reed and the Sebastian Middle School Eagles finish their 2013 season

On Monday, October 21st, Brooke Reed and her Sebastian Middle School Eagles Girls Basketball Team wrapped up their 2013 season with a disappointing loss to the Fruit Cove Middle School Flyers in the first round of the St. Johns County basketball playoffs.  The Flyers proved to be way too much offense for the Eagles to handle as they easily won by a score of 28 – 10.  Brooke, playing starting point guard, and the rest of her teammates just couldn’t get the offense going in game.

On the season, Brooke played very well for her first year in the St. Johns County Middle School Girls Basketball League.   Starting at point guard for each of the 10 regular season games and the final playoff game, Brooke averaged over 4 points per game, countless steels, and assists.  Her hard work on the court added to the much needed leadership on the young team.  Brooke will continue to work hard in the off season and prepare for the next year of basketball as a Sebastian Middle School Eagle.  Until then, stay tuned to to see her exciting play in PAL Flag Football (Winter) and PAL Girls Lacrosse Season and Tournament Play in the Spring.

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Brooke Reed and the Sebastian Middle School Eagles beat Gamble Rodgers Middle School

Last Wednesday, Brooke Reed and the rest of the Sebastian Middle School Eagles girls basketball team visited one of their cross town rivals the Gamble Rodgers Middle School Stingrays girls basketball team.  In a game that featured tight competition for three quarters, the Eagles pulled it out in the 4th quarter winning 29 – 20 to extend their record to 2 – 0 on the season.

Brooke and the rest of her Eagles teammates played to a packed house.  Brooke, starting at point guard, scored 5 points on a three point shot and a nice short jumper, and provided her teammates with several scoring assists and rebounds.  The next two games for the lady Eagles are at home against the Swiss Point Middle School Raiders (Monday) and then on to play their other in town rival the Murray Middle School Bulldogs on Wednesday.

Brooke running the floor against Gamble Rodgers Middle School.

Brooke running the floor against Gamble Rodgers Middle School.

Brooke Reed plays her first basketball game for the Sebastian Middle School Eagles

It was a great start to the season for Brooke Reed, #11, and the Sebastian Middle School Eagles Girls Basketball Team as they routed the Liberty Pines Academy Wolves yesterday on the road by a score of 31 – 19 to start the season 1 – 0.  Starting at Point Guard for her first basketball game as a 6th grader, Brooke was able to help lead her team to the victory scoring 6 points and giving out 6 assists to her teammates during the game.

The next game for the Sebastian Middle School Eagles Girls Basketball Team is scheduled for Wednesday, September 18th against their cross town rivals Gamble Rodgers Middle School Stingrays.

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Great Spring 2013 LAX Season!

Brooke finished her Spring 2013 Lacrosse season strong! She dominated on goals and ground balls and won the elite end of season “Sportsmanship Award”. She participated in both the Junior girls division as well as the Senior girls division all season. She is headed to the Sunshine State Games to compete in the U13 league with some of the best players in the state of Florida. Below are her stats for the season:

Ground Balls: 49
Goals: 13
Saves: 5

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YMCA Flag Football – Game #1

Brooke Reed had an exciting first game of the season for the YMCA Flag Football League. She threw 2 passing touchdowns and scored 1 receiving touchdown. She caught 2 interceptions on defense and had a great game! Good job Brooke!

Also, Brooke enjoyed being back on one of her favorite coaches teams after taking a short hiatus from the YMCA Flag Football League. Here she is pictured below with Coach Matt.